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Christmas stories are a great way to get
into the holiday spirit. Some families and
individuals make it a holiday tradition to
read some Christmas short stories on
Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day.

Another wonderful tradition is called
Twelve Days of Christmas Stories.
A different Christmas story is read
each day starting twelve days before

Whether it is the same Christmas stories
each year or new stories, these traditions
are something that is looked forward to
by many people across the globe.

It is never too late to start a tradition
that will be cherished for years to come.

A Recent Story:
2023 Christmas Story
Live from the North Pole

Here are some Christmas story
holiday websites for 2024:

Christmas Story Collection

The Christmas Story Collection website has
over 25 years of original Christmas stories
online for free reading. Many of these are
award winning stories. This story collection
is suitable for all ages.

Christmas Story

The Christmas Story website has Christmas
short stories that are pet and animal related.
These heartwarming stories are suitable for
all ages.

Man and the Birds

The Man and the Birds website retells
the classic Christmas parable of the real
meaning of Christmas that was told by
national radio broadcaster Paul Harvey
for decades on his Christmas day radio
broadcast. A later adaptation of this story
titled The Professor and the Birds was
written in 2017 and is also online now.

Christmas Stories: Christmas Story Collection